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Is your world upside down?

Responsibility is a crucial value to obtain in your relationships and within yourself. Accepting responsibility can significantly make your days easier. The simplicity of the process I speak of seems straightforward, but it can be exceptionally challenging for most people. You must recognize your problems at hand, first. Analyze “why” you feel the way you do. Ask yourself “what is causing me to feel like this?”. Allowing yourself to unravel and dissect the aggravating and irritating headaches you acquire in your daily lives and it will ultimately assist you.

It is your choice whether you implement action.

Find an activity that calms the mind and nerves. Whether it may be painting, bicycling, or relaxing on your front porch winding down after a brutal day. Tune in to the beautiful nature and grant yourself of clear headspace.

This is a quick read. Two whole minutes of your day sacrificed to read this post will not kill you. Use this as an opportunity to look through all the mumble-jumble in your head and maybe after reading you will have a new sight picture for tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

-Andrew M. 🙏🏽

“Can you feel how cold the world is?”

Today at 4:12 PM

After exiting the U.S military in September of 2019, I then was uncertain and anxious due to change. Without hesitation I changed lifestyles within a matter of 15 minutes!

Six months later; now March, I developed a beautiful relationship with a fine woman by the name of Kelly W., she is far more beautiful as a person and as being herself. Her and a full time job roofing in Asheville, NC was all I thought I needed along with the mountains. We loved the outdoors. Of course she is what I need. In order to properly find myself I began doing little things differently… reading more, writing more, gaming less or researching blogs and authors or philosophers. I spent more time diving into learning.

This new chapter in my life is and will continue to be my motivation to find more across these lands and waters. I crave failure, upsets, falls, and I will not let up. Reading and writing have became activities I enjoy doing, but I secretly may force myself to open a fucking book and read. Why not? I always thought it “makes us smarter”, right? I’ve purchased several books by authors that I haven’t a damn clue about or books that may have seemed pleasurable, but it was a start. There was a need to want more on my schedule, more on my plate. I was starving.

The little lightning bugs that float around in your life are great learning and growing tools for you. For example, the so called “lightening bugs” are the idea of me “picking up a book and reading it”. When you get a change reach up and grab it. We all have busy lives. Expanding my knowledge, wanting to fill my brain with flowing endless, exotic information whether it was valuable or worthless. As fucking cheesy as it sounds, you have to be able to crave for more each and each day. You must be hungry. An urge to expand and grow, meet people, travel, read and write. Do what you love to do. Who gives a fuck if you’re not good enough yet. Time will reflect experience. Let each chapter of your life be a little story. Turn those chapters into a monarch of a life long novel for “go-getters” to dig into.

A halt as presented itself to me in the past few weeks. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed with myself. I wonder why?.. Goddammit! What the fuck happened to the positivity and determination? Huh? Cmon man! I felt as if I was on track doing the right thing. I quickly learned that it isn’t about right from wrong. It’s about failing over and over and over and over again and again and again. Life is a trail of errors. We ultimately never figure it the fuck out. Do not let a damn thing roll through you.

Crave more, fail, want more, try again, and fail. It it perfectly okay to sit against a wall and wonder what the fuck you’re doing wrong. You will eventually figure it the fuck out. You spilled a cup of coffee this morning on your uniform while driving to work, eat that shit up with a grain of salt. Move on. Want more. Be hungry. Be willing and open to failure.

Thank you!- Andrew M.

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